Bondex pride themselves in being experts in wood care and offer a wide selection of products mainly for outdoor wood care. They want to be the enthusiastic and responsive specialist in the field, providing outstanding products and trusted solutions.


Bondex Satin - Exterior

Bondex Satin is a solvent based, translucent wood stain for all types of outdoor wood. Bondex Satin provides surface protection against blue stain, mould and fungi. Suitable for Facades, Cladding, Doors and windows, Shutters and eaves.





Bondex Decking Oil - Exterior

Bondex Decking oil is a solvent based, traslucent oil, which stains, perserves and enchanes the natural glow of the wood. Use on outdoor wooden decks and terraces. Protects the surface against blue stainand mould, hard wearing, UV protection and water repellent. Suitable for all kinds of wood incl, exotic wood species such as teak, nyato, meranti, ipe etc. Available in Clear, Oak and Teak. 






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